Good news vinyl fans, high street retailer HMV has announced plans to increase its vinyl stock over the course of 2012. The steady decline in HMV sales figures has brought somewhat of a turn around in opinion from the music buying community, once the enemy of Independent Record Shops, the chain is now gaining sympathy as it too succumbs to the power of the digital download.

A spokesperson for HMV said "A lot of customers have been asking us to increase the amount of racking we dedicate to music in store and we're pleased to say we'll be doing a lot more of that soon - in fact we're also planning to significantly increase our range of vinyl in quite a few locations as well."

While some cynics may suggest this was an obvious move to make given the recent 41% increase in vinyl sales in the UK surely it can only be good news for vinyl collectors living in areas without independent record shops. We say well done HMV but just hope they provide for all genres and not just stock pile the latest 'sound'. Time will tell.