First you will want to disrobe.

I take it many of you will interpret this to be a psychosexual gesture as Tom Krell's enigmatic, shadowy R&B is wont to suggest, but chill. This nakedness is for silent reflectivity; Michelangelo's David instead of Kanye's Kim. How weird, you'll think, it is to be this way. Remain nude. Your physical vulnerability will seem trivial next to your emotional nakedness.

Quit your day job. Simply having "What Is This Heart?" in your possession will elevate your consciousness beyond the gravity of society. Terms like "salary" and "paid vacation" and "transit" are infinitesimal. Your boss is confused by your sudden outspokenness, your lack of clothing. Your (now former) coworkers are impressed.

Say goodbye to everyone. This may sound selfish, but you cannot afford to embark while preoccupied with worldly entanglement. Nobody will understand why you're going where you're going. You will return but you won't be you. The soft clack of the screen-door marks the beginning of your journey.

Wander the countryside until you locate an abandoned church. It will present itself to you, appearing suddenly through the fog like Brigadoon.

Lay motionless in the aisle between the decrepit pews, arms crossed over your chest, staring at the neat crease of the ceiling. Obviously, there are hundreds of candles. Some float, but most are perched around the room emitting a calm glow, their flames licking the air as the album begins.

Much of the time, you'll find yourself in a state of repose but there's more; earthquakes rippling the earth's surface like a tide during 'Power', the waifish creature responsible for the salient cries on 'Face Again', angels swooping down from the heavens while doing Drake hands to 'Precious Love', etc.

Krell's voice reverberates as if from the bottom of a canyon and, still, clings to you like an internal voice. Eventually you hang in mid-air, no longer bound to the world by petty physical laws. Tattoo yourself, one for each sin, until you look like Nightcrawler. You remember prickly teenage love as illusions of your younger self appear in front of you, some cackling if your face, some quivering and unable to sustain eye contact. This is the first time you feel truly spiritual.

As the final notes hang in the air, you become a moonbeam and scatter across the sky forever and ever. Amen.

"What Is This Heart?" is released on June 23rd.