Here's Lonny X with a new track called 'Paid In Full'. It was produced by Samurai Neito, whose gentle shuffling beat and jazz flavours add a classic late-night feel to this, a hint of romanticised fatigue, a weltschmerz hunched-over-a-drink-in-an-empty-bar feel – and understandably, given that the lyrics for this tell us about growing up in the hood. Lonny's words tell us about encounters with kids his age trying to shoot at him ("I was like 13, he was like 14…") amongst other things, as well as candidly admitting, "To be honest the hood is bonkers and I don't like it, but I grew here." The contrast of soft music with hard subject matter feels like reminiscing about past hardships from a more comfortable present, the perfect vibe for this track.

Lonny himself was kind enough to answer a few questions we sent his way.

What's the inspiration/idea behind the track?
The inspiration behind this track is living in the hood. I grew up watching people die in front of my eyes. I wanted to let people know that life isn't always sweet. I also watch a lot of classic old Hood flicks such as Paid in Full because they are so relatable. I might not be pushing drugs but I'm pushing this music just like Ace Boogie. I wanted to pay homage.

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best?
This song would sound best at 3AM in New York wearing nothing besides a pink bandana or an adidas tracksuit.

How do you hope or imagine people will react to it?
I hope people react well. It's one of the deepest cuts I have ever made so I hope it sticks with SOMEBODY.