Oh look, the artist and track names are in ALLCAPS. If it looks like we're shouting, it's because we are very excited to share this track with you. IAMNOBODI, as his moniker suggests, prefers to cloak himself in anonymity, creating original music and fixing up brilliant remixes like, say, this one he did for Quadron about a year ago.

He's put out a whole load of stuff already, as you can see from his Bandcamp page, but his most recent original - and our Track of the Day is particularly worthy of attention.

'BUBBLEBATHDREAM$' is a soulful take instrumental R&B, lilting keyboard melodies being paired with piano trills, synth pulses and a steady, captivating beat. For a mid-tempo track, it's remarkably busy, but some people won't be able to see past its seriously groovy bassline, the one element that holds everything together. It's an example of how to use layers effectively, and reveals new facets with every play, so one listen surely won't be enough.