Surprise! Imogen Heap is back! She'll be releasing her first new album since 2009's Ellipse, Sparks, on 18 August via her own label Megaphonic Records. Below, you can listen to its stunning first offering 'Run-Time' which truly sees a return to form for the acclaimed musician.

She went on a pretty crazy journey to record the new album, saying “The album began with someone sending in the sound of a striking match for what became Lifeline in March 2011. I then dived into the most immense, intense creative 2 and a half years of my life that took me all over the planet, collaborating on so many projects with so many people and often totally spontaneously. The album is then in some ways for me grounded with fans’ footprints bringing the finishing touch for the album art, as so many of them came along for the ride.”

Those of you living in London will have the opportunity to attend the Reverb Festival at Roundhouse, which she curated in parallel with the making and now release of Sparks. She'll take to the stage to perform the new album in its entirety for the first time in addition to old favourites. There will also be interactive installations, talks, and workshops alongside a long list of performances by Tim Exile, Leafcutter John, London Contemporary Orchestra, Nick Ryan, Peter Gregson, Arve Henriksen, Pekka Kuusisto, Simon Steen Anderson,The London Soundpainting Orchestra, Joby Burgess and Maja Ratkje with The Norwegian Girls’ Choir.

If that wasn't enough, for the entire month of August leading up to Reverb Fest, the "Imogen Heap's Giant Interactive Sonic Playground" will be there for visitors to explore and get their hands on. There'll be a ton of innovative music tech on display including the gorgeous Helmholtz which allows you to watch the speed of sound travel before your eyes, and a creation that allows you to attach yourself to the building and become a human harp.

She'll be hitting the road on a proper world tour in May of 2015, and if that seems like a long time to wait, she's got a pretty good reason - she's about to become a mom! Congrats to her! Check out the tracklisting for Sparks below, and stream 'Run-Time' as well.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. You Know Where to Find Me
  • 02. Entanglement
  • 03. The Listening Chair
  • 04. Cycle Song
  • 05. Miscommunications
  • 06. Lifeline
  • 07. Neglected Space
  • 08. Minds Without Fear
  • 09. Me The Machine
  • 10. Run-Time
  • 11. Climb To Sakteng
  • 12. The Beast
  • 13. Xizi She Knows
  • 14. Propeller Seeds

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