Pretty good piece of naming, here. It'€™s a bit like Elton John naming his band The Piano Led Pop Ballads or Simon Cowell’s mother signing him on his birth certificate as Big Great Twat, for the music that this London four-piece make is indeed rackety. Though to be slightly more accurate, perhaps East London-based The Racket might’ve named themselves The Ramones Influenced Catchy Punk Racket. For the rest of this feature, I’ll try use the word '€œracket€' a bit less.

Three parts female (vocals, guitar, bass) and one part male (drums), songs thus far are fun, carefree and lo-fi (perhaps more out of necessity, though) DIY punk at its finest. The song that really sticks out for me (out of the two songs on MySpace and the occasion I saw them play live in a kitchen) is 'I Don'€™t Like Your Friends'€ - a fairly straight forward pop song; all fast-paced and muffled guitar work with shout-y female vocals. It'€™s pretty darn faultless and is catchy as anything after one listen, the main chorus being satisfyingly punchy and sufficiently simple to shout along to by the time it arrives the second verse around. And the fact that lyrics are written by the male drummer form the perspective of a girl makes things all the more interesting and at times amusing.

It's evident songs, and the band, are in early form, but you don't really want them to ever progress from where they are at now - the current output perfectly scruffy-pop loveable.

No free song from us, but there is one available over at Wait For The Click.