Few artists can claim to share the same bond that Kiwi duo Broods proudly boast. Having met nineteen years ago, ("Georgia (Nott) doesn't remember because she was fresh out of the womb"), music was very much a "focal point" of their childhood, interspersed with performances at kid's talent shows. "We played 'Big Yellow Taxi' and won", Caleb Nott recalls. "We have always been a good team, dreaming about having a band and being rockstars, as kids do." You detect that there's a glint in his eye. "We just never quite grew out of it."

An ever-expanding roster of influences is encouraged by a yearning to keep tastes "really eclectic and broad," as well as an infatuation with timeless bands such as Radiohead. Despite boasting different influences, "which I guess is good when it comes to collaborating," Caleb speaks at length about their shared tastes. "We take a lot of inspiration from female electronic artists like Bat for Lashes, Lykke Li and Imogen Heap, although we like to see what's new around the place, too."

This final statement, while sounding slightly throwaway, is telling in Broods' debut single; 'Bridges' soars, not only due to Georgia's delicately hypnotic falsetto or Caleb's meticulous structuring of sound, but also because of the duo's affinity for incorporating innovative methods, whilst still keeping one foot firmly in the past. Let's not forget that explosive chorus either, an eruption of pop euphoria that has detonated the pair into the heart's of countless online blogs. "We had no idea that this would escalate so quickly and be heard by so many so soon," Caleb admits. "It's exceeded any expectation we had for 'Bridges' as a first single and we could not be more happy about it."

Of course, upon unleashing a track as immediate as 'Bridges', an unnerving wave of expectancy inevitably begins to linger. Have Broods started to feel the pressure? Well, if they're suffering, Georgia and Caleb seem to be masking it rather well. "We're writing and practicing our live set all the time," the older Nott sibling declares, before stating, "we're working on our first EP so we can release that as soon as possible," hinting that the bubbling anticipation has simply pushed them further, while, thankfully, resisting the urge to rush proceedings.

Sharing a producer, Joel Little, with teenage sensation Lorde has done little to dampen hopes, yet Bbroods have adopted a refreshingly level-headed approach to the future. "We're super excited about playing live and showing people what Broods can do," Caleb proclaims, and while we can't wait either, it looks like we'll have to join the rest of the internet in waiting with bated breath.

You can visit the duo by heading here.