Update: It seems social pressure has forced Disclosure to clarify the situation:

The one-woman hype machine that is Azealia Banks tweeted earlier this week that she'd "Just had an amazing session with @disclosure !!!!." It seems that statement is in Pinocchio territory, as an interview with the Disclosure brothers shows. The duo, speaking to 3voor12 said:

"We don't have a song with her yet. We've met her once. I think she's kind of taken to Twitter quite heavily with the fact that she's meeting with us. And people now think that we've made the greatest song of all time, and it doesn't even actually have a chorus yet."

"Her Twitter was just like, in capital letters, "I'm going into the studio with Disclosure to make the greatest studio session of all time oh my god god god god god god," and that got retweeted 2000 times. We don't usually mention when we go into the studio with someone. All these blogs think we've now made a masterpiece, but really, we just sat there eating sushi."

If Azealia takes as long to write as a chorus as she does to finish her album, we could be waiting some time to hear the finished track.

Watch the video for 'Yung Rapunxel':

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