Jacob 2-2 is a producer from Brooklyn who makes music based directly on nostalgia – or at least that's how it feels. His latest album Herbivore, released last September on nicely cool Canadian label King Deluxe, was a journey through hip-hop flavours, electronic minutiae and a half-imagined-half-remembered childhood, of which, for the album's duration, the listener too becomes a part. Absorbed into his lush, detailed soundscapes, we drift away and cast before our minds' eye lo-fi images of a borrowed collective ideal past.

One such jaunt into this musical machine is 'Empire Plaza' – named after the Brutalist buildings of Empire State Plaza, Albany (New York), this track contains all the ticking regularity of architecture, the wide sweeping chords of the plaza, reminiscent of those which start 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' by Tears For Fears, and bustling energy of public spaces with a crowd of snippet samples towards the end. Futuristic bass bulges alongside the shake of the beat, an urbane bounce that suits the occasional piano cascades and subtle strips of strings, giving this patchwork of disparate noises a place alongside the inspiration behind it; the sound of what people 50 years ago thought the future would look like - a little retro-futurism.

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