Tofubeats has released a lot of things via netlabels and self-publishing, most notably 2013's Lost Decade, but recently in October last year he released an album through Unborde (a Warner Music Japan imprint) called First Album. Being that it was through a major label, the "first album" title is perhaps a tongue-in-cheek dig at the invalidity of self-publishing, as if you could only be recognised through major label releases. Then again, maybe not.

Now he is teaming up with some friends to deliver First Album Remixes. The remix roster is looking pretty exciting already, with those on board including LA-based creator of all-round good vibes, Spazzkid, the Sapporo footwork freneticist PARKGOLF, and the high-octane hyper-electronic trio Pa's Lam System.

It'll be available on iTunes from 28th January, and on vinyl from 14th March. Watch a trailer for the release below, featuring Tofubeats himself live-DJing snippets of the remixes involved – cool!

Since First Album doesn't actually seem to be available to stream, I've included a full stream of Lost Decade at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Also, J-pop expert Patrick St. Michel wrote a profile on Tofubeats for us a while back. Go check it out!