Chromatics have just unveiled a few new songs to add to their catalogue. One of these is an alternative version of their track 'Cherry' (from 2013 Italians Do It Better compilation, After Dark 2) but they have now called it 'I Can't Keep Running'. It's actually Johnny Jewel from Chromatics who's being doing the unveiling, not them as a whole, I do apologise.

And yes, another one of these tracks is 'Blue Moon' – a song written in 1934 that since became very popular, a standard done and re-done many times by many different artists.

No One Can Touch Elvis Presley's Incredible Version Of "Blue Moon"...
Ruth's Take On His Arrangement Is So Ethereal...
I Keep Coming Back To It.

said Mr. Jewel. It is indeed lovely, a crackly electronic ballad with vocals that wash over you like a feeling of sudden twilight twinkling with pinprick stars just appearing with sharp strings hinting at a darkening of the sky, a softening of the soul. Meanwhile, 'I Can't Keep Running' is a slice of moodiness, thick with neon electronica.

These are two of many tracks uploaded to his SoundCloud recently. We'd totally recommend checking it out.

Also: Check out our interview with Chromatics back in the antiquery of 2012.