Sad news for anyone that thought investing in Coinye would lead to a lifetime of "swaggy" goodness: the cryptocurrency is now officially dead.

For those of you in the dark, Coinye was essentially a Kanye-themed Bitcoin impersonator, which featured a cartoon Kanye on the coin (see above). Mr. West wasn't a fan, so he filed a lawsuit against them. A few weeks later the company posted the following message on their website: "COINYE IS DEAD. You win, Kanye." It's at this point that we all moved on with our lives. Until now...

On Friday West filed legal papers stating he'd won his court "battle" with Coinye, though it won't be made official until judge Analisa Torres signs the default judgement. We doubt money will come into the deal considering the company is based outside of the States, but it should act as a pretty strong deterrent (which is kind of the point).

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