Hey Kanye, why did you wait until we were in bed to unleash this stream of brilliance? Why did we have to find out over our morning coffee that you like to create memes like the rest of us? Why!?

Basically Kimmel decided to spoof Kanye's BBC Radio 1 interview with Zane Lowe by roping in a bunch of kids to play it out. That video looks like this:

Despite that being relatively funny (who doesn't like kids pretending they're adults?) - we're on Mr. West's side due to the fact that it was probably his best, most honest interview in years. Has he got an ego? Of course. But he doesn't shy away from that. That's why he's the biggest rock star on the planet.

Then this happened:

It's definitely less aggressive than his usual rants, with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure, but it's the sort of thing you should never respond to.

However, Kimmel has:

Apparently told Kimmel that his life would be better if he apologised. We're looking forward to seeing how this one plays out.

Update: Kanye is back with more gold...

[via Exclaim]

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