In new Kathleen Hanna news that isn't actually depressing, the '90s alt-rock icon and frontwoman for legendary outfits Le Tigre and Bikini Kill has been a recent target of admiration from one Miley Cyrus, per the pop star's Instagram.

Cyrus posted two photos of Hanna back in her early days, including this live shot which was a bit odd for her more traditional followers for obvious reasons. Hanna apparently was beyond appreciative of the name drop and went to Twitter for a special request. She writes:

From Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne now to Kathleen Hanna, Cyrus has been earning a fair stream of surprise credibility recently. This isn't the first time Hanna has addressed Cyrus, however. Last year in an interview with Tiny Mix Tapes, Hanna spoke of Cyrus, saying, "If [Miley Cyrus] says she’s a feminist, then who I am to stop her? I’m not the feminist police. I don’t get to determine that. I’m happy that young women are embracing that term, for whatever reason it means to them. Maybe for her it’s about freedom of sexuality and freedom of expression. For other people, it’s about ending oppression against everyone, not just women, but you’re starting from a woman’s perspective because that’s what you’re interested in."

When, where, or how this possible partnership comes to fruition is still unknown.