Dr. Dre has been a pretty busy guy lately with the whole "becoming hip-hop's first billionaire" thing after Beats Music was acquired by Apple, but that doesn't mean he's taking a step back from the world of music in favor of tech. In fact, it looks like he's going to be featured on Kendrick Lamar's follow-up to 2012's good kid, m.A.A.d city. In an interview with Kube 93 at their Summer Jam festival, Lamar revealed that his new album will feature none other than Dre.

He said “Dr. Dre is focused like he always been,” adding “He focused on music, man. One thing about Dre, you can’t take the music away. No matter how much money he has, he’s always gonna be right there in that studio. That’s before the deal, after the deal. He’s always locked in there. That’s something that I know personally.”