Kitty has announced she'll be releasing a new EP next week via her Bandcamp.

"These are the impatiens that grew in me last summer and I can't believe I felt any of this dumb shit and I REALLY can't believe I bothered writing all of them down (I was bitter and I'm still toxic)," says Kitty of the release, continuing: "but they were beautiful in bloom, so once they shriveled into nothing I turned them into 5 silly songs 4 u."

The five-track EP, titled Impatiens, will be released on May 13th. Check out it's opening track - the brilliantly titled 'Emobounce' - below.

  • 1. Emobounce
  • 2. Morgan Stop
  • 3. BRB
  • 4. Retrograde
  • 5. Marijuana

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