Yesterday we posted about the plans for the Marina Abramović Institute, set to open in 2015. To get the ball rolling Marina and co have wasted no time in recruiting a few celeb buddies to spread the word about the Abramović Method and help raise a bit of cash. After Jay Z it is now the turn of pop behemoth Lady Gaga.

Linked to a Kickstarter account, a video has been release of Lady Gaga performing a number of actions under the supervision of Abramović. The naked Gaga can be seen hugging a block of ice and wandering blindfolded through a forest. It is actually quite an interesting performance but I can't help but feel it is undermined due to it clearly being a bit of a PR stunt, not only for the MAI but also Gaga's new album due in November.

Perhaps I am being cynical and this is just two artists collaborating and crossing genres. I hope that is the case and we could see some more interesting collaboration between contemporary art and pop music in the near future.

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