And we're back for Day 4 of Angel Haze's 30 Gold project in promotion of her upcoming album, Dirty Gold. So far, she has freestyled over Drake, Kanye, and Jay Z. Last night, she went for self-appointed "King Kendrick" to freestyle over 'Backseat Freestyle' (freestyle doesn't look like a word anymore, I've written it so much these past four days).

Something has clearly happened since her Drake freestyle on Wednesday night; presumably she ran out of chamomile tea to mellow her out. Gone is the playfulness of Wednesday's track, back is the seething viciousness of that which kicked off the project. Starting with the lines, "Angel got a dream/Murder everything," accompanied by a Danny Brown esque giggle, is always a great start, and a sure fire way to know things are heading towards puppies and rainbows.

This one follows the structure of Kendrick Lamar's original track quite closely, whereas Haze has always been quite loose in rapping over the beats the past few days. It's pretty easy to imagine Lamar rapping these words, particularly considering the venom seen in the BET Awards cypher. 4 down, 26 more to go.

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