"Morning Phase is a terrific mood piece and a worthy follow-up, even if in spirit only, to Sea Change; it lacks the gripping unease of that album, but replaces it capably with genuine warmth and a sunnier outlook. I strongly get the impression that this is an album destined to fly under the radar, especially with a more characteristic Beck record apparently mere months away; that might just have been the intention, though, for an album that can claim subtlety to be its strongest suit."

That's what we thought of Beck's new album, but what do you think? Listen below courtesy of NPR and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. The album is released on February 24th.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Cycle
  • 02. Morning
  • 03. Heat is a Drum
  • 04. Say Goodbye
  • 05. Blue Moon
  • 06. Unforgiven
  • 07. Wave
  • 08. Don’t Let It Go
  • 09. Blackbird Chain
  • 10. Phase
  • 11. Turn Away
  • 12. Country Down
  • 13. Waking Light