Not sure what to call this guy, ∆heyoo∆? I guess. Phonetically let's just say it's HeYoo for the moment. Anyway, he's a rapper/beatmaker, and in particular its his unique flow in new track 'Cheifin' – sometimes slow and rich, and other times heated with rapid-fire tension and snarling frustration – that we're hearing.

You can tell he loves words as well cause, well, he does them well – here's something that stuck out: "Nigga I'm anonymous / you a trendsetter, yeah right, trend follower / hands down, like a toddler." The rhymes and rhythm here is just too cool. It ends almost abruptly, but with banal brilliance: "But now I gotta mow the grass and do my work… ain't that some shit."

All the while the gentle swagger of Turquoise Crown's beat ripples with vinyl vitality and lounge lassitude, the accented snare cracks delivering us unto bliss.