Laura Bettinson started making waves four years ago with her synth pop moniker, Dimbleby & Capper. Fast forward to the present and Bettinson joins Ultraísta, the new project with producer extraordinaire Nigel Godrich and drummer Joey Waronker. In addition to her frontwoman duties, Bettinson is growing a solo project, Femme.

Femme deals in rich, synth textured and bassy heavy electro-pop, and is set to drop a new, double A-side single in July for new tracks, 'Educated' and 'Double Trouble'. In an exclusive 405 premiere, you can take a listen to 'Double Trouble', the second track off the single. It's a mashup of girl group melody and harmonies with a Deerhoof sound on the chorus, all backed by a strong beat.

Femme's 'Educated' / 'Double Trouble' single is available July 22 via TAPE.