The Spice Girls once lamented that "friendship never ends", but friendship is never a topic that really ever comes up in music; I struggle to even think of ten examples. Love and heartbreak are always the subject of your standard pop song, but only of a romantic nature and never platonic love. That's why the latest single from Ji Nilsson, 'Heartbreakfree', is actually quite refreshing, and not just because it sounds like a balmy day.

'Heartbreakfree' focuses on Ji's want to avoid messy relationships and their subsequent break-ups by just being friends to begin with. It's quite a different spin on the relationship song which is why it's kind of appealing. Ji sings about how they are good friends, and it'd be easier to stay as such than get stuck in a rollercoaster of emotion. All of this is backed by, what sounds like, a slowed down, chilled out version of the beat to Brick & Lace's 'Love Is Wicked', with Ji crooning over the top of this breezy beat like an R&B Robyn. It's a definite mish-mash of ideas, but it's one that works nicely that settles itself into a nice thematic niche which isn't tapped into all that much these days.

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