If you're wanting to date British soul singer Jody Brock, you may want to take his new song 'Phoenix' as a word of caution as he explained in an email:

"The song was inspired by a string of previous relationships that ended very abruptly and prematurely and it was kind of my fault, no matter how into them I was I would freak out and talk myself out it, I used the terminology of the phoenix because it was almost like I was self combusting within these relationships, ‘phoenix’ is almost like my warning song to anyone who I may enter into another relationship with."

That being said, it might be hard to not fall for him after hearing 'Phoenix' even once. He was raised with his father's music collection and inspired by classic artists like Etta James, David Bowie, and James Brown, all of which come through on the thundering 'Phoenix' with its rock and roll-meets-soul roots (think Jack Garratt if he took a turn for a more "rock" sound). It's taken from his debut EP of the same name which drops on 23 March. Recorded in Los Angeles alongside Grammy award winning producer Igloo, it includes 'User', 'Stormy Weather', 'Another Dance', and the title track, which you can listen to below exclusively at The 405!

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