M.I.A. tends to be somehow who sways more towards the unconventional. She describes herself as the "anti-popstar" with influences ranging from Pixies to Timbaland to Asian folk music. You just need to take a look at the variety of outfits she has worn over her 10 year musical career and the art that led her to design the cover for Elastica's The Menace. Which is why 'UNBREAK my Mixtape' feels wholly ordinary in comparison. Sure, sonically, it's a bit all over the place but it shows us a Maya who deals with break ups the way nearly everyone in the 90s used to do, with a mixtape.

The track is the latest release to be pulled from M.I.A.'s upcoming album Matangi and it gives us a glimpse into the way she deals with break-ups. Surprisingly there's no anger here from someone who is so self-assured in every other aspect of her lyrics but instead sorrow and confusion as she tries to work out where the relationship went wrong and led them to need a break. The song itself then, interestingly, becomes a mixtape within a song which, at first, seems extremely jarring but then becomes endearing. Featuring a Blur's 'Tender', Karen Dalton's 'I Love You More Than Words Can Say', and a version of 'Wishing On A Star' this is exactly what you would find on any heartbroken lover's mixtape. At least you know, if you were ever to break up with Maya, you'd get a brilliant mixtape out of it.

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