My Grey Horse have got a bit of a reputation for writing killer pop hooks. In fact, their last EP - Stop Before The Dry River - was catchier than velcro hand-pads and a tennis ball. Seriously, do kids not play with those anymore? Anyway, in the lead up to their debut album release, they have unveiled this video for their new single 'All Those Mornings'.

The track features all the hallmarks of what have made My Grey Horse such a endearing prospect over the years; the bittersweet lyrics, the Beach Boys-inspired harmonies, but this time replaced the melodic bombast of their previous singles for a more delicate craftsmanship. A grower, not a show-er, 'All Those Mornings' reveals a maturity of songwriting and sound, without sacrificing their satisfying sentiment and compelling ear for pop.

My Grey Horse's debut album - I Still Don't Understand - is released on 9th June 2014 via CRC Music Group.

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