I dunno about you but I'm still reeling from how big that list was yesterday. What list, you ask? Well, Grand Theft Auto V (that's Roman for 5) got relaunched yesterday, all special like for Xbox One and PS4; the spruced-up version included a bunch of (162, one-hundred-and-sixty-two) new songs being injected into the game's already quite brilliant radio stations.

Flying Lotus, who you should know by now was given his own radio station to curate: FlyLo FM, in addition to getting extra tracks on his station also included some of his own, original tracks. One such is 'Medication Meditation' which features the gatling gun flow of Krayzie Bone (of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) stuttering over a nocturnally driven dreamscape of a track pulsing with insistent kicks, as much detailing the stillness of night as its exciting treasures hidden in the lesser-known shadows.

Also: There is a super deluxe special collector's ready-for-Christmas ultra limited edition box set of the GTAV soundtrack being released on 9th December.

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