While we wait for March 4th to hit, and Rick Ross' latest album, Mastermind to drop, Ross has been teasing us with little trailers and freestyles for the album. They are all essentially mini-adverts for the album but it's something to whet the appetite and they do give a little inclination as to what the album might sound like.

The latest freestyle comes in the form of 'Oyster Perpetual' in which Ross raps, essentially, about being like a really nice watch (an Oyster Perpetual is a type of Rolex after all). His commanding yet fun flow weaves its way across the silky smooth soul samples; a nice break from the harshness of 'The Devil Is A Lie', which also used soulful samples but infused with a bit of trap, and Ross and Jay Z really going at it lyrically. With his next single, 'War Ready', due to drop any time now, Rick Ross is nicely getting everyone pumped for Mastermind.

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