If you followed our J-pop week recently, chances are you'll love this new effort from Sapporo producer Parkgolf. The new track, entitled '瞬間最大風速' (which Google translate helpfully reckons that means 'maximum momentary wind speed'), features SakuraYura, a noted adult film star, or so it would seem. Either way, she's got a sweetly haunting singing voice, and adds a breeziness to the future-pop electronics from Parkgolf that buzz and jolt and whirr like some sort of breakdancing robot. It's gloriously invigorating pop that'll make you giddy and/or fuzzy inside.

The video is pretty spectacular too. We see SakuraYura, utterly deadeyed and uncomfortably numb, lurking at the back of a neon rave, in front of a Harajuku junk shop (perhaps), a graffiti-ed street corner wearing a face mask, and on a bed wearing snowball cake underwear and surrounded by inflated condoms.

Watch below.