London's Dewy Sinatra is providing a spellbinding twist on the offerings of the future-soul elite like James Blake and Jamie Woon. Fusing his love of classic rap and cutting-edge indie-pop, he creates a kind of slick R&B that's peppered with slithering hip-hop flows and sparse melodies. It's distinctly 'London', but manages to exude a glorious sense of introspection and intimacy. Sinatra carves himself a pigeonhole all to himself with new track 'Questions', the first from his upcoming EP, Wasted Youth.

The lead single is an amorphous, gloopy syrum; with synths that strike a balance between the backing noise on the underwater levels in Sonic The Hedgehog and the slick clicks of neo-garage, Sinatra hurtles into the urban unknown. He combines three-day-bender delirium with afterparty tranquillity to create an otherworldly vibe, one that summons London's streetlamp-lit alleys at 4am when your peripheral vision blurs and your focus distorts. It's a hazy, frustrated backing that mirrors his words: “Questions on my mind, so many questions on my mind...” he croons, gliding through the crackle of old-school hip-hop beats.

'Questions' is taken from Dewy Sinatra's debut EP, Wasted Youth, due out September 1st. Stream the song and check out the tracklist below.

1. Questions

2. Round & Round

3. Three Weeks

4. I Need Luv

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