It's not often you hear of a band from Haiwaii. Today's the day. The Tigers from Niger, are pretty elusive at the moment; with just a Youtube and Soundcloud page to there name, you wonder how they've managed to evade the instant gratification that Twitter and Facebook provide.

Still, the music does the talking. Having just released the tropical jam, 'Song of the Neon', we get to see a little of what they're about. Infusing rap, with subtle and childlike female vocals over a more hip-hop inspired Empire of the Sun-esque production, they're basically at the centre of the present musical zeitgeist. With lyrics like "1 those late nights, two, those car rides," the lyrics could probably be a bit more engaging, but the song is, I guess, meant to evoke nostalgia and you can feel this, despite the the simplicity.

Listen to 'Song of the Neon' below.

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