If you still aren't believing that the Slowdive reunion is real (we wouldn't blame you, it's almost too good to be true), here's more proof: they've just released the first ever Slowdive mixtape, called Slowdaze, with Dazed Digital. The hour plus long mix has a slew of eclectic artists ranging from Boards of Canada to Pedro the Lion and Fennesz.

When asked about their selections, the band said “Musical boundaries are there to be broken anyway, as these different styles and individual tracks flow well together and create a vibe that feels like shoegaze tinged with each track worthy to be included whatever genre it derives from."

  • Tracklist:
  • Lali Puna – "Faking The Books"
  • Flying Saucer Attack – "Respect"
  • Bowery Electric – "Empty Words"
  • Boards Of Canada – "In The Annexe"
  • Pluramon (with Julie Cruise) – "Have You Seen Jill?"
  • Machinefabriek – "Somerset"
  • Cornelius – "Star Fruits Surf Rider"
  • Pedro The Lion – "The Bells"
  • The For Carnation – "Being Held"
  • Fennesz – "Caecilia"
  • The Drums – "Days"
  • Sun Kil Moon – "Moorestown"
  • Sigur Ros – "Við Spilum Endalaust"
  • Mogwai – "Hunted By A Freak"
  • Labradford – "E Luxo So (5)"
  • David Darling – "No Place Nowhere"
  • Palace – "Disorder"
  • Slint – "Washer"
  • Nils Frahm – "Says"

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