Few bands have gone through the sort of evolution that The Horrors have. The stage names and ridiculous hairstyles of their 2007 debut Strange House seem like a lifetime ago, an embarrassing memory. The visit to the synth shop, and the shift in gaze from mirror to shoes, that resulted in their second album Primary Colours is the reason we're here today posting a track from their upcoming fourth. It's where their quality evened out with their tastes, and the place where they started to have fun with their music. That element has continued to grow, and now on 'I See You' the first cut from Luminous, The Horrors sound like they're actually on the verge of cracking a smile. The track is as "fun and danceable" as promised earlier today, and maybe about twice as epic as you'd expect.

Luminous will be released on May 5th via XL see the full tracklist and watch the lyric video for 'I See You' below.

  • 01 Chasing Shadows
  • 02 First Day of Spring
  • 03 So Now You Know
  • 04 In and Out of Sight
  • 05 Jealous Sun
  • 06 Falling Star
  • 07 I See You
  • 08 Change Your Mind
  • 09 Mine and Yours
  • 10 Sleepwalk