Yesterday we brought you the new music video for 'Get Up' by Young Fathers, and if you just couldn't wait for their new LP DEAD to drop, it's now streaming in its entirety!

The album is out on Big Dada / Anticon who are known for working with avant-garde and experimental hip hop groups, and Young Fathers is no exception. Their sound is as unique as where all three of the guys are from, with the press release saying:

"From the UK via Liberia, Nigeria and Scotland, Young Fathers have pursued a unique trajectory, from mid-teen hip hop trio via psych-pop rap to where they are now, on their own original island thrown up by a pop volcano, tectonic plates of genres rubbing up against each other like under-sea dirty party-people; seams of molten pop history spewing lava more fertile than guano, upon which the rich foliage of hook, rhythm and bass grow immodestly in the sun.”

So, you know, if that sounds right up your alley, you'll love Young Fathers. It's available on 3rd/4th February, again through Big Dada / Anticon, and you can pre-order it here.

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