Delicate clusters of woody guitar sounds and light drum machine smatterings come together in beautiful harmony in 'Blue Nue' by new and virtually unknown musicmaker, Inad. Taken from an upcoming release called He Will Disappear, it oozes undeniable charm with its combination of minimalistic, somewhat cutesy instrumentation, and the distinctive heart-melting voice of Inad herself: at one point, Eastern-leaning arpeggiated strings fill space between the refrain, "Oh you said I was crazy…" as bass bloops in the tick-tocking beat, which gets extra points for the luscious handclaps later in the track. Quite understatedly stunning and needs to be listened to and most definitely enjoyed by many, many more people. A genuine stunner.

He Will Disappear, though inexplicably called Thé on Inad's SoundCloud, is out on 11th May via Hello Thor Records.