That soft soulful R&B female vocalist wave has swept many of us away this year. BANKS, Rosie Lowe, George Maple, and so on have taken the year by storm with their own efforts as well as popping up on everyone else's tracks. But they've often stuck to the minimal R&B side of things: low basslines, pulsing rhythms. Another name to add to that list is Violet Skies, except, on 'How The Mighty', she's decided to plonk a load of orchestration on top of that minimal electro and it sounds bloody brilliant.

I think I just have a thing for female vocalists over minimal R&B tracks really, so I would've quite liked Violet Skies even without the flourishing piano that beautifully bookends the track. However, throw that into the mix and it turns Violet Skies into a female Woodkid, who brought out one of my favourite debut albums in the first half of this year. Yet here, without the grand brass sections creating a more cinematic feel as heard on The Golden Age everything here is turned down and is a lot more subtle. If The Golden Age is an album packed full of anthems for protagonists running into battle or on the run (basically doing lots of running), 'How The Mighty' feels like the more contemplative side of things. Simple yet beautiful and arresting.

It's also available as free download if you head here.

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