Driving our way right now with gloriously retro intent and nocturnal insouciance are Yumi Zouma - and they're travelling all the way from New Zealand. Ok, they're not actually travelling (as far as we know) but their music certainly is making headway, skipping a beeline to our very hearts themselves. Their music is typified by Drive-soundtrack-like sensibilities: 80s flavours; romance; night-time; glorious pop vocals.

Their song 'Riquelme' is a great example of this - great analogue-inspired sounds whooshes in like some stylish phantom through your wall, dancing at the foot of your bed. Warm waves of syrupy synth envelop you, with hushed vocals draped over, as jingling percussion accompanies a simple 80s-style beat, a basic palm-muted melody dosing the whole thing with understated funk the whole time.

This lovely bit of music comes from Yumi Zouma's debut self-titled EP, out February 11th on New York / London label Cascine.

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