In just over a month, Stockholm's Lucas Nord will be releasing his brand new mini-album After You on 19 May via Cosmos Music. If it's anything like its lead single 'Voices', it's sure to be filled to the brim with soulful synth-pop bangers, and you can stream that song now below! The song almost never saw the light of day, as Nord explained in a press release:

"Voices started out with just me and Ben and Ryan from Captain Cuts playing around with some ideas for a pop track that we were gonna pitch to another artist. Nothing really happened with it for like 6 months and we kinda just left it behind. But I just couldn’t get the chorus out of my head so I one day I recorded the vocals and did a completely new production for it and all of a sudden it really felt like me and something I could really connect to. I guess the track is just about something that will always haunt you and something that you won’t be able to leave behind - which is kinda what happened to the track itself.”

It's not too difficult to see why he couldn't just get rid of the track - the massive chorus is an instant earworm, and its pristine production makes it an almost immediate pop sensation. He's already worked with fellow chart-topping Swede Tove Lo on 'Run on Love', and given their home country's reputation for creating perfect pop tracks, it looks like he's well on his way to becoming the next big Swedish pop star.

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