M.I.A. may have just climbed the tallest mountain in the world – no, not Mauna Kea, that's mainly under the sea and doesn't count – Mount Everest.

What? Is this real? Well, yeah, hmm, maybe… kind of, anyway. She did post a few snaps to Instagram, one of her chilling next to a nice looking lake "3500ft above sea level" and one of actual Mount Everest itself, but pretty zoomed in, meaning she probs didn't get too close to it. Then again, she said, "Got to the highest point on earth + on top + over it." Maybe it was just a heli ride?

It might've happened. But in the photos she looks pretty together for someone who's just climbed a very long way. She also instagrammed a video of herself in a helicopter tagged "base camp heli help" – which more than suggests there was a bit of airlifting going on.

Then again, if you could get a helicopter to a fair way into the Himalayas, let's say to one of Everest's two base camps, all for the sake of having a little stroll around to take in Everest from a little closer, then you'd definitely do it. According to what she said in some of the photos, it's just a "reset" before going back to the "streets" – a lot of people just go to Devon. Kudos, either way.