Currently touring to promote his latest album Benji, Sun Kil Moon played a show at Raleigh's Lincoln Theatre last Saturday night during which the relationship between Mark Kozelek and the audience was kinda... hmmm... bumpy.

As pointed out by Indy Week, Kozelek was annoyed that the crowd was chatty and called them "fucking hillbillies", threatening to walk off if they didn't "shut the fuck up." The singer can be heard saying "Everybody, all you fucking hillbillies, shut the fuck up. I don't give a fuck if I get paid or not, I'm gonna walk" in an audio clip shared in Indy Week, and although he later said the comment was a joke, this is not the first time Kozelek has lost his cool with an audience: between the "bad vibes" reported by The Seattle Times in February and the show in Barcelona during which Kozelek was angry with people for using smartphones during the show, he's known for his temper during gigs - even asking a man in the crowd to "meet him outside the venue after the show to settle a disagreement with their fists."

Joking or not, he's still a genius.

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