Marvelous Games, a division of Japanese publisher MarvelousAQL (Known for such titles as No More Heroes, Half Minute Hero and Harvest Moon) has signed a new deal with Seville based Bravo Game Studios to publish their next five upcoming smartphone and tablet titles.

Bravo Game Studios roster includes such titles as Touch Racing Nitro, Kung-Fu Panda 2 and Daredevil Rider. However, the first title the new studio wants to publish with Marvelous Games is a new 3D action game called RunBot that sees you controlling a prototype humanoid robot that has to escape from a futuristic city.

Marvelous Games CEO Harry Holmwood expressed that this recent deal is the first of many plans to expand its mobile division in western markets:

“Our close relationships with our global divisions offer unparalleled access to data, trends, and expertise. We’re not interested in just publishing agreements – drawing on our group’s expertise in the Japanese and Asian smartphone markets, we’re able to help developers across the world to create world-beating, fun and profitable titles for a global audience. RunBot is the first in this ambitious plan – and we cannot wait to show more of it at Develop this week."

“If you’re making mobile games and need help with marketing, funding, retention or monetization – we want to work with you. Do drop by the Develop booth if you’re around – or get in touch directly.”

Bravo Game Studios' CEO Curro Rueda Álvarez released a statement about the new deal stating their elation with the partnership with Marvelous Games:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Marvelous Games on RunBot. Their knowledge and passion are second-to-none and RunBot has evolved greatly in the time we’ve been working together. We see this agreement as a pivotal moment for Bravo Game Studios which should enable us to shine on the global stage.”