For some reason this imagery of sizzurp, or however you know it ("purple drank" etc.), is really whetting my appetite to try some. What is it, like, just cough syrup and Sprite? Or any other lime/lemonade-based competitor? It's like a guerilla marketing campaign and it's working on me. Bad influences are everywhere.

Um, ok— anyway, it's with this odd thirst that we listen to the latest collaboration between RiFF RAFFiLoveMakonnen, and Mike WiLL Made It, a probable ode to the purple stuff itself, 'Syrup In My Soda'. It's a booming morsel fraught with bass as much as with the mild comedy of repeated line, "I keep syrup in my soda / like Jody Highroller," and the waterfall noise of synth washing over the top with weirdly ambient aggression.

Listen up.