In an interview with Q Magazine, London-based folky bandsters Mumford & Sons have exclaimed their utter horror and dismay at being branded "posh" and "upper class".

Speaking out about the endless torrents of abuse they receive from notable publications and commoners alike, each band member had something equally poignant to say on the matter.

Winston Marshal Mumford (vocals, banjo, guitar, resonator guitar) said: "There is a reverse snobbishness in England towards that sort of stuff. And I think that's one of the reasons we really enjoy America, 'cos we're classless." Reverse snobbishness. Now there's a new one. Stop being snobs, authentic folk fans.

What's really potted their beef is an automatic assumption that they lean ever so slightly to the right: "We don't really care [if Cameron's a fan]," explains lead singer and half-Californian Marcus Mumford, who at the ripe old age of 26, we severely doubt could have fathered his entire band's line-up. "We never get pissed off when anyone says they like our music."

"There's probably worse people who like our music," chimes in Winston Marshall again, "Well I dunno [laughs]. What's more annoying is to be associated with any political party, particularly if you don't like those political parties. As a band, I don't think we've ever talked about politics. I wouldn't say I'd know what any of these three would vote in an election."

So they might not be fully admitting to latent Conservatism, but how about that posh label then? Surely there's some truth in it somewhere?

"We're not the first band who went to public school," says a hurt Teddy Mumford (Or Dwayne as he prefers) through his statement beard.

Ben Lovett added helpfully: "I think it's unfair to hammer anyone for anything. People should celebrate or ignore, that would be nice. On top of that, I just don't consider myself a posh person."

Of course, if you're posh, you wouldn't know you were posh. We suppose it's like being at a festival, surrounded by revellers in a field who have no idea how drunk or filthy you are. There are people much worse than you. It's fine. It's when you try to amalgamate yourself back into the real world that you start wondering if that smell of shit is coming from you.

Here's our solution then - send Mumford & Sons to live in the Big Brother House with The Pogues, Bob Dylan, Richard Thompson and Fairport Convention. Let's see if they come out smelling of roses.

We'd bet that Fairport lose it within three hours and things turn pretty ugly, pretty quickly.

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