A sad day for lifts and receptions the world over as Muzak, the company behind the ambient music that has provided action films with comedy reprieves for years will be retired as a brand, now being called Mood instead.

So while the music, now more commonly referred to as "muzak", will continue to pipe its way through the lift as Bruce Willis makes his way down a skyscraper a floor at a time shooting baddies the name itself will be put out to pasture.

The Muzak business is surprisingly profitable with the company turning over £77m in just one quarter last year and being bought out by Mood Media for £221m back in 2011. Lorne Abony, CEO for Mood said of the rebrand, "It is often perceived as an epithet for elevator music. Muzak was not the connotation that suggested that we have come a long way." While Abony did concede that the move was "the end of an iconic American brand."