Trying to get a handle on Mykki Blanco isn't so easy. The rapper, experimental, activist, and curious performance artist will be releasing his brand new project "Gay Dog Food" later this month through UNO NYC, which features 'Moshin In The Front' alongside Cities Aviv.

The cult-figure's brand new project brings a wave of world influence together, per Blanco's press team; "Gay Dog Food is a complete picture of Mykki Blanco, encapsulating the disparate elements that compose the artist and drawing a distinct connection between Mykki's past, present and future."

"Written and recorded throughout the world - Eastern Russia, London, Berlin and New York - Gay Dog Food is informed by the transcontinental lifestyle Mykki has endured over the last few years," it continues. "It is not just a hip-hop record, but rather a collage of the various styles that influence Mykki, including punk, noise, experimental, industrial and Riot Grrrl."

In his own words, Blanco explains; "You can choose to call me a gay rapper, you can choose to not even call me a rapper if you want to, it doesn't matter, i'm a punk, a creative punk and i'm going to continue to create and entertain without boundaries. Gay Dog Food is just the start of where I hope to go creatively and commercially, this moment now is really the beginning."

The 14-track collection includes the massive, furious 'Moshin In The Front' as well as a very special 'A Moment With Kathleen' featuring the legendary Kathleen Hanna. Stream the former single below and look out for the record later this month, courtesy of the aforementioned UNO NYC.