You may or may not have been given an invite to the beta version of the shiny new Myspace a few months ago. It doesn't really make a difference - if you did sign up for it, you probably didn't use it much after the first few weeks, since there weren’t many other people on there either, beyond music types.

Which, yeah, was kind of the point; after Justin Timberlake became a co-owner of the social network in 2011, all signs pointed to Myspace making a comeback as a network for music lovers. It's now officially relaunched with an overhaul of the site, including an iOS app that includes its own GIF maker. The music database of Myspace boasts 53 million songs, and there's a function called My Radio, which lets users create mixes and stations for fans and followers to listen to.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Myspace co-owner Tim Vanderhook said: "Today more than ever, there's this need for a creative ecosystem that kind of caters to the creative community and that's both a social network and the streaming services attached... For us when we looked at it, we really talked to a lot of artists and... they all said, 'I use all these various platforms but none of them really do what we need.' What they really needed, they explained to us, was a home."

Home sweet home, indeed. With Facebook losing popularity, maybe one of the original social networks can prove its worth again.