Rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit. Hello all, and welcome to the first New Music Friday column of March 2013. As my column for this week is (if I do say so myself) pretty special. If you happen to be into electronic music, then you're in luck, as I'm shining the spotlight on a few great new tracks this week. That's not all I have in store for you today, though. I'll stop rabbiting on now, and we can get started. As Clint Eastwood would say: "do you feel lucky, punk?"

Track of the Week: Ryan Vail - 'Fade'

Don't let the name fool you: Ryan Vail is in fact a duo, consisting of Vail himself and Katie Cosgrove. They hail from Derry, and 'Fade' is the lead track from an EP of the same name that will be released on Champion Sound. It's a sparse and downbeat affair, with Vail's soft vocals floating over the top of simple rhythms and gentle piano chords. It's a wonderfully affecting mix between electronic and ambient music, featuring any number of haunting moments (the entry of the strings at 2:38 is the best of the bunch) - the EP's sounding great too. There's plenty more where this came from, too, with an album to follow in September. Get excited.


It was difficult to settle on my Track of the Week this week. I eventually went with Ryan Vail, but this absolute gem from SZA meant that it was a close-run thing. The Maplewood-based alt-R&B starlet unveiled 'ICE.MOON' during the week, and believe me, the ALLCAPS song title is necessary. Having caught the attention of many with her debut See EP.SZA.Run EP last year, she seems set to build on that success exponentially; the S will follow on from 'ICE.MOON', and is set to arrive sometime this spring. Hopefully it can live up to the promise of its powerful lead track.

Apples & Eve - 'L'Homme (The Man)'

How about some alt-folk? If you're interested, then I'd like to introduce you to Brighton's Apples & Eve, who are releasing a new single on March 24th. 'L'Homme (The Man)' is an up-tempo, acoustic guitar-driven song that creates an ideal platform for Eve Rose's powerful vocals. It's taken from the Dionysus EP which was released last year, but the band are working towards releasing their debut album, which, if this song is any indication, should be a treat.

This week also features tracks from Golden Curls, IYES, Autumns, Body Cheetah, White Magic, Sex/Ed, JODY, Stroik, Georgiana Starlington and Gila Monsta.