So, it would be remiss of me not to comment on the "New" Myspace.

I've seen the video. It all looks pretty good. Can't really tell all that much without going for a proper test drive, but it looks like a much cleaner user interface than their previous iteration. The focus is still very much on music, and a shared experience between friends, groups, etc - for example, it appears you can add your own playlists (no word on whether it integrates with iTunes. Highly unlikely, I'd imagine) and associate them with photo albums and events pages. The analytics module looks much cleaner, and a damn sight more insightful than Facebook's current model, while the actual profile stream looks like a cross between FB Timeline and Pinterest.

There is, however, one minor problem - it's Myspace. The social network has been dead in the water for so long now, any mourners it had have since moved on to other platforms, and seem to be happy (aside from those folks on Facebook you ALWAYS see complaining and threatening to shut down their FB account - you know the ones I mean. They're usually the most active member in your feed). I, for one, don't miss being plagued by bands who a) want me to come to their gigs at some pub in the armpit of London or b) social climbers desperate to reach 10000 friends.

Then there's the question of personalisation: just how much are you going to be able to do with your new profile? Is the threat of badly coded Zodiac themes, glittering unicorns and media-players skinned by a developer with more thumbs than sense still going to be an issue? I don't miss waiting the best part of two minutes for a page to load, only to have my eyes assaulted by a technicoloured explosion of crap.

Will it be succesful, though? Without actually having a go on the New Myspace, it's hard to pass judgement. It's been the model of "social media gone wrong" for so long now, that it's hard to imagine a world in which it comes out on top. But, there's always a chance.

Let us know if you're signing up in the comments.