Nile Rodgers has announced that there will be a new Chic album appearing in the near future. June, to be exact.

Called It's About Time…, Rodgers revealed that the album is actually about time (that, and it's about time).

"As with all Chic albums, this one's based on a concept. Four years ago I was stricken with very aggressive cancer and I wasn't sure how much time I had left. I decided the album’s concept would be about time and I'd feature as many people from the lifespan of Chic that I could on it."

The first single is apparently called 'I'll Be There' and will be released on 20th March. Rodgers shed some light on the significance of the release date:

"It's the vernal equinox – when day and night are of equal length. But in parts of the Northern Hemisphere, there will also be a total solar eclipse… so I'll be releasing the record at the exact start of that celestial event, in the country and city where they set Greenwich Mean Time – London, England."

He added: "We'll then do a series of concerts in England, and premiere the video too."

Collaborators on the new album will include David Guetta and Avicii, amongst others.