Music is an entirely personal affair. What some people might stow on a pedestal, others might try and bury alive; it's entirely subjective, relevant to our own memories and feelings. We all have favourite artists, tracks and records that we hold close to our hearts: maybe it was a track that soundtracked a first kiss, or maybe a particular LP got you through some tough times. Maybe a certain band reminds you of a simpler time. We've all got opinions on what's the top album of all time, and 99% of the world is just bound to disagree. But that's fine. There are no right answers.

This weekly feature (though we'll be taking a break in December) will see the 405 staff contribute their opinions and argue the case for what they think is the best music. It's also a handy way to get some recommendations of music you may not have experienced before - perhaps you'll create some new memories thanks to these delicious noises. It's not just the staff we want to hear from though; we want to know what you think. We'll ask around on Twitter and Facebook for suggestions and whack 'em in for the world to see. There might be a playlist or two as well slotted in for good measure. It's going to be a chunky collaborative periodical where we can all discuss how and why our favourite music is our favourite.

Today we bring you the 'Greatest Songs To Get Down To'. We all have them, but understandably a lot you didn't want to share them (including our staff!). Either way, here's some songs to get you through a hot, sweaty night.

We'll be returning in the new year with a new series of 'No Right Answers'.

  • OM

    OM - 'Thebes'


    Okay, this might sound completely ridiculous but I swear down this will do things. 'Thebes' has this real cyclical rhythm, slinky bass line and sense of instrumental build that drone masterpieces are made of; it's totally hypnotic. It's also totally spiritual what with all the lyrics about sacred flames and universal structure and stuff, but not in a cheesy cosmic way. It feels more expressive of a sexy ritual. It's wicked. Most tracks on this album (God is Good) follow suit and would do just as well, but this one is like nineteen minutes long so y'know. Wins for everybody.

    Emma Garland


    Death From Above 1979 - 'Romantic Rights'


    What a strange question to be asked. Without disclosing too much personal information on the grand old internet, I think the sex appeal and sheer intensity of DFA1979's 'Romantic Rights' is unrivalled. Honourable mentions also go to Deftones and the new Poliça album.

    Will Richards


    Tom Waits - 'Lie To Me'


    There is nothing more sexy in this world than a controlled burst of healthy distrust between passionate lovers.

    Tom understands this better than most, having spent a lifetime documenting the seamier side of love and marriage. While it deals primarily with the masochistic urge to be treated like an emotional doormat ("give me all of your grief"), there's also an element of the sadistic ("whip me baby / lie like a dog") that is sure to spice up any romantic tangle. Then of course there's the galloping rhythm, and the frequent mention of jockeys. Perhaps not one to take home to meet the parents, but definitely worth a low-rent fumble in a bedsit.

    Nicholas Glover

  • Antony and the Johnsons

    Antony and the Johnsons - 'Fistful Of Love'


    So I've never tried, or be brazen enough to playlist this particular erection selection with whatever boy/girl I've been with. But imagine the look on their faces when Antony Hegarty coos "The hints, the little symbols of your devotion/I feel your fists/And I know it's out of love/And I feel the whip/And I know it's out of love." I'd guess the result would be a shared laughter, or a bolt to the door. If they stay, then they're the one I guess. Or of course there's the third outcome if they took the lyrics as an earnest hint...

    Tim Boddy, Photo Editor

  • Chris Isaak

    Chris Isaak - 'Wicked Game'


    On top of having arguably the most bad-ass music video of all time, Isaak's dulcet tones are so smooth and sensual that it's impossible not to "get up on that thing" every time it's heard

    Max Sanderson


    The Staves - 'Mexico'


    Hot damn this was a tough selection. The 17 minute album version of Donna Summer's 'Love To Love You Baby' was a serious contender. Yes really, stop laughing. Metronomy's steamy remix of Charlotte Gainsbourg's '5:55', the seductive electro of 'Lady' by Chromatics and Blue Hawaii's irresistible slow burning 'Yours To Keep' were way up the list too, especially as breathy female vocals over electronica really do it for me. But the top spot has to go to this foxy number by the British sister trio. Stripped-down vocals and three-part harmonies against simple guitar work and subtle percussion, plus the super-charged lyric "Carry me home on your shoulders / Lower me on to my bed / Show me the night that I dreamed about before" wrap the listener up in a close embrace of romance, desire and sensuality. Can a song have come-to-bed eyes? This one does. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Lyle Bignon

  • Ratatat

    Ratatat - 'Wildcat'


    Brooklynite electro-rock duo Ratatat have always cultivated a certain delirium in their aural pleasures, from tracks like the swamp-folk/Oriental-metal 'Bob Gandhi', to the Mafioso tapdance of 'Neckbrace'. 'Drugs' is an opiate come-up made sonic, 'Falcon Jab' a swaggering Daft Punk-ian ballad. Everything's surreal, intense and dark. Bass is an intrinsic element. However, their 2006 magnum opus, Classics, yielded their most torrid affair. Passionate anthem 'Wildcat', featuring sampled jaguar roars and the slinky slither of duelling glissandi, is 4:20 of sweaty, lurid, red-lit carnal lust made sonic. Primal, throbbing pulse? Meaty, veiny riffs? Boink away.

    Larry Day

  • Little Dragon

    Little Dragon - 'Crystalfilm'


    Sweet music for sweet loving between the sheets. Those dreamy vocals are probably enough to make you climax without any sexual act anyway.

    Ryan Cahill

  • Wild Beasts

    Wild Beasts - 'Plaything'


    It was out of this and 'deeper', so don't have a go at me for choosing the most obvious title. In fact, the entirety of Smother is absolutely essential for sex if you have the time/space/endurance. I'm not sure why the contrast of affeminate falsetto and burly baritone gets things flowing, but the whole thing just sounds inherently sultry. The heartbeat skittering of the drums, that smouldering baseline, those little intimate synthy bits. I'm going to stop now. Let's face it though, if you can pull off singing the word chemise in this day and age, and make the word sound a little bit naughty, then you're onto a winner. It seems to always come down to this record and two others for me; In Rainbows provides that perfect balance for a tag team of melancholia and mammary glands, whilst Portisheads Third has so much wooze that it's a wonder it isn't prescribed for erectile dysfunction.

    Mike Emerson


    Orthrelm - 'Asristir Vieldriox 11'


    Slightly uncomfortable, a bit awkward and lasts 9 seconds. Leaving plenty of time for a teary cuddle before the final note yelps.

    Tom Jowett


    Burzum - 'Dunkelheit'


    I'm single, I've only ever had one boyfriend and the only music we ever did the nasty to was a mix tape he made three months into our doomed relationship. However, in an alternate universe, me and Ryan Gosling are in a long term relationship, own two Scottish fold kittens and I have to wear sunglasses when we fuck because his glistening sweaty abs are as luminous as the sun. In this alternative universe I like to call 'Awesomeville' me and RG love to bump uglys to 'Dunkelheit' by Norwegian black metal band Burzum. Varg Vikernes is the opposite of sexy and sensual but this song gets my juices flowing with its mesmerizing keyboards and gruff vocals. It's a big contender for any fornication fest in my opinion.

    Natalie Archer

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Maps'


    Could have been weird/sarky and said I like complete silence when asked this. Tricky one though because there are various factors involved in making this recommendation: time, place, mood, people, relationship... In this case, I have opted for a track that doesn't really need any explanation. Check Karen O's strained breathy delivery ofthose lyrics as the song builds up and slows down and builds up pace. It's an obvious choice that probably gives away my age but it's a good'un none the less.

    Kerry Flint


    Father John Misty - 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings'


    Though my pick would change quite often, Father John Misty's 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings' has been in charge for quite a while now. Josh Tillman is unbearably sexy, and it's pretty impossible not to be turned on by a guitar driven dirty story of illegally set intercourse.

    Guia Cortassa

  • Beacon

    Beacon - 'Drive'


    Brooklyn band Beacon put out a stunning debut album, The Ways We Separate, earlier this year. If the single 'Drive' hasn't made it onto your bedroom playlist, then you're doing it wrong (pun possibly intended). Lead singer Thomas Mullarney III's R&B-style vocals crooning about finally finding the right person to be with, pinned against waves of lush electronic synths and bass make for a steamy and passionate track. You could play Beacon's entire repertoire, including their past two EPs, and be set for the night.

    Alex Vickery


    D'Angelo - 'Feel Like Making Love'


    Feigning enjoyment during sex is something I and at least 60% of the female population have mastered by now. The one saving grace about the whole 'affair' is that while your entire body is whipped and shaped into positions that you're kind of bored and inflexible to get into, but you do because you know... porn, your ears remain fairly unaffected (aside from hearing yourself betray your true emotions that would usually tell you to say 'FUCK OFF, DO BETTER', but instead come out as 'Ah, that's quite nice actually, yeah *rolls eyes*'), and allow you to casually zone out and think about getting into your pyjamas, boiling the kettle and loading up the next episode of Nashville in about two minutes - or if he's on a particularly good day, five.

    I like to listen to songs that make me happy and remind me of when I was strong enough to be ok with hurting a guys feelings - but 'Fighter' by Christina Aguilera makes men feel a tad emasculated. So instead, I prefer to play something that makes me hopeful that my future sexual experiences might be more positive and enjoyable.

    Turn off the lights, put the candles on and listen to D'Angelo, 'Feel Like Makin' Love'. It's not cringe because J Dilla produced it.

    Michelle Kambasha, Features Editor

  • Sufjan Stevens

    Sufjan Stevens - 'Impossible Soul'


    Firstly, the worst song that has ever chronicled my 'sexy-Barnabas-time', is without doubt 'Jog Along Bess' by Vashti Bunyan. Yeah. Luckily, with 'Impossible Soul', oh man, you've just got a lot of variation. I mean, who wants two minutes of punk chords, or four minutes of math rock? I like to keep things varied. I may vocode the first section, go acoustic near the end, and just go fucking mental in the middle. It also gives you a good time to aim for, but it is high risk; given the length of the individual sections, it will be extremely noticeable if the whole sordid event doesn't last very long. Use with caution.

    Barnabas Abraham

  • Friendly Fires

    Friendly Fires - 'Pala'


    The thought of bonking to Friendly Fires' frenetic disco euphoria, understandably, conjures up images of loveless teenage fumbles, but hear me out. For on their second LP, Ed Macfarlane and co opted to slink away from formula and shake their hips in slightly more sultry surroundings. Who knew that Friendly Fires could do sexy? Backed by gloriously sparse beats and glittering synths, 'Pala' is a sticky, lustful clinch that oozes an irresistible allure. Allow yourself to be seduced and be sure to stick it on repeat because, obviously, nobody wants to blow their beans to 'Hawaiian Air'.

    Lee Wakefield

  • The Weeknd

    The Weeknd - 'The Morning'


    A good friend (read: me) once told me that The Weeknd possessed an aura of lyrical panty-wetting to seduce the kind of girl you fall in love with after a passing glance on the underground. Now, there is no hard evidence confirming this, but by the sounds of 'The Morning', I reckon he might just be onto something. So, as long as you don't mind doing the bump 'n' grind to the moans of a male Lothario, this should have you making bacon quicker than a hangover Saturday.

    James Embiricos