Is there anywhere in the world not touched by Four Tet at the moment? Feels like there are adventurers reaching the top of Everest right now to find Kieran Hebden stood on the top making a bootleg playlist for somebody.

This latest jaunt is a typical Omar Souleyman Middle-Eastern dabke dance music inspired banger, featuring long-time collaborator and contributor Rizan Sa'id, released ahead of the release of his latest album of the same name.

One interesting point about the track is that the album will be released on cassette - not to adhere to the recent lo-fi trend with old technology, but because it's his most popular format worldwide. Transcending cultures, nationalities and language barriers, Souleyman is a very exciting musician indeed.

He's currently touring the globe visiting festivals, however one place he won't be dropping by anytime soon is Sweden. Due to the right-wing Alliance coalition government ruling the country, all Syrian nationals are prevented from entering the borders of Sweden. This means that unfortunately Souleyman will not be able to play with his band at Stockholm Music and Arts Festival this weekend. You can read the full official statement here (but you might wanna hit 'translate' on that - it's in Swedish)/

Stream the track via a YouTube clip below. Wenu Wenu is released on October 21st/22nd via Ribbon Music.

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